Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Pocket Mail with Kylie

Hello lovely sassy scrappers.Kylie with you all again today with another fun project using more of 'Heart Day' by Crate Paper.You can check out the entire range right here.

I have made some Pocket Mail.If you aren't sure what Pocket Mail is, it is a creative way of sending a whole lot of paper goodness to penpals in clear pocket pages.I love sending things like planner clips,gift tags,stickers,ephemera even a tea bag! Full credit here to the original creator of pocket mail, Janette Lane.You can see her talents here.

I've also filmed a process video but before I share it, here are some photos of the finished result.

Pocket Mail really is a favourite of mine to create as it is quite quick and a great way to use any left over cuts of paper we all have stored away.And if you are addicted to stationery like I am, nothing beats receiving a creative letter full of goodies.

So without further to do, here is a little look at my process video.

I hope you have enjoyed my project for this week.
Until next time,

Kylie xoxo

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Agnus | watercolour resist

Hi again :) my last post explored watercolour backgrounds and how to use them in your pockets, this week I wanted to look at a few different resist techniques to take your watercolor backgrounds to the next level along with some tips for using each method. 

Before we look at the different resist methods it is important to note that you should not use an iron or laminator to straighten out the cardstock with these techniques as the resist products may react to the heat. If your card needs flattening after painting, place it between a heavy book overnight instead. 

I have again used simple white cardstock to create my filler cards and used the 'wet on wet' method I went over in my last post to apply the watercolour paint. The most common method to create a resist involves stamping with clear/white ink onto the background followed by heat setting clear/white embossing powder over the stamped image. This method will produce clean results, however it does leave the stamped area with a sheen.

Masking fluid is another great way to achieve a resist (the brand I have used is different to what we have in store but they act in the exact same way). The fine tip on the bottle allows you to control the flow of the resist medium to produce a variety of free hand images or words for a fun custom look. The fluid is tinted so you can see where you have applied it, and you need to make sure it is dry before adding the watercolour over the top. The key with this method is to allow the masking fluid to fully dry before attempting to remove it otherwise it will pull up the paper beneath it. Once the masking fluid has been peeled off the paper beneath remains in it's original state without any sheen. 

Similar to the stamping/embossing method, you can also use a white craft/pva glue to apply a resist to your project. Because of the nature of the glue the image will contract as it dries, so the results will not be as crisp as the embossing method - however it works well for simple organic shapes. 
I highly recommend using an old paint brush to do this and to rinse it clean once finished. 

One of the oldest and most simple methods involves a simple white crayon or oil pastel - remember doing that when you were a child? This method is great when going for an arty look, however the coverage often varies depending on how much pressure you use in the application. 

Although this card did not make the final cut - I also tried using texture paste with a stencil as a resist and while it did produce a fun result the paste did not resist the waterolour and in fact seemed to absorb it, creating more intense colour over the paste. 

Products from the Sassy store...



Thanks for stopping by xx

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Agnus | Project Life with watercolours

Hi there :) I'm excited to start a brand new year in my project life album and have lots of gorgeous new goodies to share! With so many lovely new items in the Sassy store I couldn't decide on just one collection to work with, so instead I have chosen a range of pieces from several manufacturers this month. 

I went with a mix of papers from American Crafts, Crate Paper and Pink Paislee and tied them all in together with the help of the fun new Color Reveal set of watercolour paints from the store. 

Using the colours from my paper selection as a guide, I created several custom cards using a few simple "wet on wet" watercolour technique. While I would normally use specialty watercolour paper when I play with paint, I wanted you to be able to recreate the same look with items from the store and so have used regular white cardstock for all of my cards. The "wet on wet'' technique is a good way to discover how watercolours behave and as the name suggests you will require a wet base for the colour to spread onto. After applying clean water to the entire card I wet the pans of colour I would be using and simply dabbed the colours directly onto my card and allowed the paint to spread onto the wet surface - building up the colour depth by adding more paint. The more water you add to your pans, the lighter the colour concentration will be but all watercolours will dry lighter so don't be afraid to use those colours!  

The cardstock will not take too much water before it stars to buckle but once dry pressing the card smooth with a dry iron or lamintaor with help to flatten out the card. 

I also used the paints directly onto some of the patterned papers to add depth to the background of my title card. 

I love papers that can be cut apart to create accents, and the heart print from the Pink Paislee Moonstruck range was perfect for this.

Using more of the same colours and patterns for the second part of the week - I have also used the bright yellow tabs from the Fresh Edition ephemera to help lead the eye across each page. 

More custom cards for this part of the week - I love the way my painted cards work with the colours and style of the products I have selected.  

Adding a few accents will help to add interest to photos with a lot of negative space. 

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Pink Paislee Moonstruck 'No:6' Paper 
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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Nae | Heart Day | Planner Dashboard

Hey Sassy girlies, Nae here, back again still posting a few little exciting projects for you to complete my guest design team position for the store. I have absolutely loved designing for Sassy Scrappers. If you are thinking about applying for the design team, you should definitely sign up! Olga is just the most beautiful chicky to work with!

Today, I want to share with you my first page in my new planner for 2017. I have a gold dot Kikki K large planner and I cant wait to fill it with a year full of memories and reminders. The Crate Paper Heart Day is just so adorably beautiful. I don't do themes and even though this was a valentines themed collection, I wanted to show you all today how you can work your products to communicate differently than the theme it was intended for. 

I am always so in love with those beautiful planners that are decked out to the nines with beautiful pretty embellishments just waiting in the pockets to be used within the planner pages. I thought I would make a collection of my most favourite cut apart pieces from the patterned paper and a few other little embellishments to try and recreate a pretty collection like the ones in those Pinterest photos. 

My title page, or dashboard for the entire planner was not even intended to look like it does now.. I had planned on not using a single photo but as soon as I saw that pretty frame from the ephemera pack, I knew I wanted to put a beautiful photo on there to remind me of what is important in life - family. That little boy is my whole life and I would do anything for that little thing... Yes he may only be my nephew but he may as well be my own child. Just seeing his smile always makes me smile and it is important to have that special person in your life. 

I loved fussy cutting out those beautiful florals and hiding them behind a doily to soften them up again the black and white polka paper. Aren't the cactus in this collection just divine? I am in love with those little cacti and need more!! This collection just has me in so much love. It is the perfect pretty pink and girly love! I reinforced the holes on the left side of my page with some washi, I find it is always an easy solution if you don't have pretty hole reinforcers at your disposal.

I hope you have enjoyed looking through the starts of my planner. I hope that I can share with you more planner pages in the future. I would love to see your planner pages for the beginning of 2017! Don't be afraid to use your planner as an extension of your scrapbooking. That is the easiest way to use your planners and not just have them sitting on the shelf looking pretty.

Love you all guys,
Love always,
Nae xoxo


Tuesday, 10 January 2017

'Heart Day' mini snailmail book with Kylie.

Hello lovely friends!
I'm back with my first blog post for 2017.I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year has started off beautifully for you all!

This month I am using the gorgeous 'Heart Day' collection by Crate Paper, for my design team projects. All the heart swoony love right here that's for sure.It is totally adorable! You can see for yourself in the Sassy Store here.

My project this week was more Snailmail and I have created the cutest little flip book! It really is quite small only measuring 10cm x 13cm, yet is full of goodies thanks to it's accordian styled fold.Here is a little look at my completed book- 

I have also made a cute flower elastic for holding its many layers together.

You can see how I have folded it here.

All I need to do is add a letter and send it off to its new home.I hope that you have enjoyed today's project and it has inspired you to want to make your own.
Until next time,

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